Recently I had a chance to attend a conference in Toronto. I arrived a day earlier and spent one night with a photography friend in Niagara Falls.

We arrived Niagara Falls in the afternoon. Although having seen numerous photos of Niagara Falls before, when I was actually in front of it myself, I was still stunned by its magnificent grand scale. It is always not easy to take shots in a well known location like this one. The biggest challenge is how to make a new perspective of the subject.

The weather was perfect, the setting sun light shed on the waterfalls and formed a big rainbow. I took a couple of shots to show the complete scale of the waterfalls. I also decided to focus on some local details of the falls to get some interesting and original images that I had in my mind. The following two shots show a small detail and an overall view of the falls respectively.

Rainbow over Niagara Falls

Dusk at Niagara Falls

After dinner, we came back to the falls again. The sky was getting darker, I tried to take further shots before the colorful artificial light was on.

Muted Waterfalls

Muted Waterfalls (II)

The next day, we got up early in the chilly morning and arrived at the falls around 5.30am. The light condition was not ideal but also not too bad. The new moon was above the waterfalls, and the sky was starting to change its color quickly. The following two shots quite precisely captured what I saw at the time.

Niagara Falls under Twilight (I)

Niagara Falls under Twilight (II)

The temperature was around 0 Celsius in the early morning. This was unexpected. I did not bring enough warm cloths when taking the morning shots. I was told by the locals that the weather was a bit abnormal theses days, it should not be this cold normally. Just before we left, we found some flying birds under the morning light, where the waterfalls provided a unique background.

Morning Light (I)

Morning Light (II)

It was an impressive experience. The trip was interesting and fruitful. I am quite contented to be able to make a couple of shots which were considered original by other photographers.

No doubt, Niagara Falls is a place worth all landscape photographer to visit and explore its true beauty.